Welcome to the dental practice of Philippe Athuil, DDS! We are proud to offer our many dental talents to you, including our work of prosthodontics. Dr. Philippe Athuil provides absolute superior care with a friendly and warm atmosphere! Our dentist cares completely for the patients, and he is very meticulous on giving them the service that is best for the situation. Along with caring for the patient, he also refuses to compromise on their care. Dr. Philippe Athuil does so by looking at every angle of the situation. For example, if he finds a fractured tooth, he will not only focus on the fracture, but also what caused it and how to fix it. We love to evaluate the entire mouth and make sure we educate our patients on everything they need to know about their oral cavity.

Our practice is a professional environment, but we also love to have fun. We have a great sense of humor and we all love joking around with our patients. Our team gets along wonderfully with everyone who comes in, and we are very loyal to each and every patient we have by practicing in the area for 20 years. We love working at our high-end, modern office in Beverly Hills, California, and we are proud to serve our patients in the area and also patients from West Los Angeles, Brentwood, Westwood, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, and all of the higher-end areas.

We are a dental practice that likes to provide a fun and friendly dental experience, and we are here to do so while helping you on the journey of a perfect smile! If you have any questions about our practice, call our office today.

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