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Dental crowns are a common form of restoration dentistry used to treat a tooth that has been significantly damaged or compromised by untreated tooth decay. The dental work is then cemented directly onto an anchoring abutment to fully restore the tooth’s presence and function in your mouth.

If you struggle to maintain good oral hygiene habits the bacteria in your mouth could gradually start to affect the relationship between the dental crown and the internal anchoring abutment. This is even more likely to be an issue if you struggle with chronic periodontal disease.

If you have a dental crown that feels loose or has recently fallen out, you should not delay in seeking professional dental care from an experienced dentist like Dr. Philippe Athuil.

In the interim, you should not attempt to clean, brush or floss any of the exposed abutment or the crown itself. This could potentially cause damage and more serious complications. Any other necessary cleaning procedures should be reserved for our specialists at the dental practice of Philippe Athuil, DDS.

If chronic periodontal disease complications weaken the cement anchoring your crown you should see the abutment sticking out of your gums. It will usually look like a small nub of tooth or a dull gray metal. The interior of the dental crown should also be completely hollow.

If the abutment is still intact, Dr. Philippe Athuil and his technicians might be able to clean the crown and cement it back onto the abutment. If the crown itself was damaged, but the abutment is still sound, he might need to take an impression to have a new crown made.

If you are in the Beverly Hills, California, area and you have a loose or missing dental crown, you should not delay in calling 310-286-2241 to seek professional care at our dental practice!