October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month & Dental Hygiene Month

October is here and fall has officially begun, bringing with it Breast Cancer Awareness Month as well as National Dental Hygiene Month. This is a time to raise awareness for both and help to prevent problems by monitoring your health and being mindful of your lifestyle choices. Whether you are fighting cancer or dental problems,... Read more »

Dental Implant Placement Basics as a Step-by-Step Process

If you have ever lost a tooth, you might have more than just a gap between your teeth. If a lost tooth is not replaced, the bone in the jaw that supported the lost tooth starts to deteriorate. That’s because when you chew your food, there’s no more stimulation to the bone from the missing... Read more »

Enamel-Friendly Foods for Your Teeth

When it comes to protecting your teeth, your first line of defense against tooth decay and cavities is tooth enamel, as it is the outermost covering that protects the more vulnerable dentin and tooth pulp below. Your enamel comes equipped for the job as the hardest substance in your body. However, because it doesn’t have... Read more »

How Routine Dental Checkups Help Your Smile in the Long Run

When you come in for dental exams and we have cleaned your teeth and gum line and removed any hardened plaque, our dentist can look at them for any signs of trouble, such as cavities, loose or broken teeth, damaged fillings, and evaluate your risk rate of certain diseases which might also take into account... Read more »

Conquer Your Halitosis

Did you know, you can conquer your halitosis? Yes, it’s true! You don’t have to live with embarrassing bad breath forever. In fact, halitosis, also known as persistent bad breath, can be treated. In most cases, halitosis is a warning sign of something that is amiss and needs attention. Our , Dr. , is happy… Read more »

Smile-Healthy Food: Test Your Knowledge Here

Do you want a top-notch smile and oral health? If so, you need to keep up on oral hygiene and attend your regular checkups. Another thing you can do is have a healthy and balanced diet. However, that might be a tough task if you’re not sure how to do so. There are many tooth-healthy… Read more »

Restore Your Smile With Bruxism Treatments

If you are routinely suffering from dental damage but are unsure of what is causing it, it could be linked to an underlying condition such as bruxism. Bruxism often occurs while you’re sleeping, although it can often be the result of unconscious damage linked to stress. Bruxism can often be difficult to detect, so it… Read more »

Plaque Facts

Plaque is a very dangerous substance that can harm the teeth, gums and smile if it’s not removed regularly. This is why your dentist, Dr. , encourages you to clean your mouth often. To help you know all about plaque so you can prevent smile destruction, our dentist is happy to share some facts about… Read more »

Bad Brushing Habits to Break

You probably know how important it is to brush teeth twice every day, once in the morning and once in the evening. However, many people are not aware of the bad teeth brushing habits that they may be guilty of. Dr. and our team have compiled this list of bad brushing habits to break for… Read more »

Simple Tips to Help Maintain Your Dental Veneers

Our dentists, Dr. Athuil and Dr. Bracker, may recommend dental veneers as an effective way to enhance the appearance of your teeth. These are thin shells which are made from either dental grade porcelain or composite resin and have the appearance of natural tooth enamel. Veneers can cover stains and minor chips, and even lengthen… Read more »