Keep Your Teeth Young at Any Age

You no doubt know that it’s important to care for your smile reduce your risk of dental health problems such as bad breath, tooth decay and gum disease. However, did you know that showing your smile proper care over time can keep your teeth in full health as you age? Many patients expect their teeth… Read more »

Your Tooth Sensitivity Could Originate From a Chipped Tooth

If you have a habit of chewing on your fingernails or on foreign objects or often resort to using your teeth as tools to open packages, then your smile is at an increased risk of experiencing a chipped tooth or dental fracture. Even if the damage done to a tooth occurs only in the tooth… Read more »

The Beneficial Nature of Dental Bridges

If you have experienced tooth loss, the resulting gap in your smile can cause further dental problems. For example, the large gap can cause gum destabilization if left unfilled and allow your surrounding teeth to come loose and drift. The gap is also a safe haven for bacteria and could become infected easily. A dental… Read more »

Cosmetic Dentistry Makes Smiles Bright

No one should be self-conscious about their smile. Cosmetic dentistry focuses on making winning smiles by introducing positive changes to your teeth. If you have teeth that could be improved or don’t have the assurance needed to flash your pearly whites, you should come into our office for an evaluation. Many people will find that… Read more »

Dental Advice on Aging and Dental Health

It is never wise to assume your teeth are going to fail just because you’re older. In fact, your dentist can help make sure your teeth are restored and adequately cared for. In addition, as long as you’re cleaning them on a daily basis, you can make sure your tooth enamel stays strong, so your… Read more »

What You Need to Know About Cavities

Cavities can begin to form as soon as a tooth erupts through the gum line. From the moment a child reaches about six months of age and receives their first tooth, bacteria has the ability to attach to the tooth and create harmful acids that result in tooth damage. For more information about cavities, here… Read more »

Causes of Bad Breath & Their Signs

Halitosis, which is also referred to as bad breath, can be an occasional thing or it can be more persistent. Often, bad breath is caused by bacteria in the mouth and on the tongue. Halitosis that occurs because of this is easily remedied by brushing your teeth and tongue. However, occasionally bad breath is caused… Read more »

A Missing Dental Crown Needs to Be Treated by an Experienced Dentist

Dental crowns are a common form of restoration dentistry used to treat a tooth that has been significantly damaged or compromised by untreated tooth decay. The dental work is then cemented directly onto an anchoring abutment to fully restore the tooth’s presence and function in your mouth. If you struggle to maintain good oral hygiene… Read more »

Holiday Travel Tips for Teeth

The holidays are just around the corner, and for many of us, that means some travel time. Remember to pack your dental hygiene tools! Here are some tips to make sure your oral health habits don’t slip while you’re away. First things first: keep up on the fundamentals of oral hygiene. Use a clean toothbrush… Read more »

All About Oral Thrush

Oral thrush is a condition of the mouth arising from a fungus called Candida. Small white lesions build up along the insides of the cheeks and surface of the tongue. In more severe cases, these lesions may multiply in other areas of the mouth, even infrequently including the lining of the esophagus down to the… Read more »