Fluoride: The Mineral that Strengthens and Nourishes Your Teeth

Did you know it’s important to expose your teeth to fluoride each day? Well, it’s true. This is the case because fluoride will help you fight dental issues, like tooth decay and enamel erosion, so you can have the strongest and healthiest smile possible. So, Dr. and our dental team would like to help you… Read more »

Getting Enough Sleep for Your Teeth

Have you ever had gum disease or have known someone who has had gum disease? Would you be surprised to learn that gum disease can actually lead to several issues if it isn’t taken care of? For example, gum disease could actually cause red, swollen, or tender gums. It could also cause bad breath, shifting… Read more »

Common Questions About Bruxism

If you experience any nagging jaw pains or increased tooth sensitivity, you may be suffering from the effects of bruxism. If left untreated, bruxism can destroy your smile. With the proper treatment, bruxism can be effectively treated. Listed below are some common questions about bruxism: What is the condition called when you grind and gnash… Read more »

Canker Sores and the Health of Your Mouth

What do you know about canker sores in your mouth? Would you be surprised to hear that there are many differences between cold sores and canker sores? For instance, canker sores only form inside your mouth, but they can form on your tongue, lips, or cheeks. Furthermore, would you be surprised to learn that canker… Read more »

Facts to Consider for a Brighter Smile

The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry asked dental patients what they most want to improve about their smile, and do you know what was the most common answer? You got it: teeth whitening. If you are considering it, but wonder about some things first, here are a few answers to common questions: Why are my… Read more »

Improve Your Self-Image with Dental Veneers

Are your teeth simply refusing to give you the shine and beauty you desire? Sadly, often through no fault of our own, our teeth cannot give us the look we desire, often due to environmental or genetic complications. However, dental veneers can fix what nature failed to provide. Improve your self-image with dental veneers. Read… Read more »

Toothbrushes: Then & Now

Dental hygiene is an irreplaceable contributor to oral health. Proper dental hygiene includes brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing once a day. Teeth care dates back for thousands of years. However, early dental care tools were very different from what we use today. Tools for cleaning the teeth have been around since 3500-3000… Read more »

A Missing Crown Needs Urgent Attention to Prevent Complications

Your dentist, Dr. , uses a strong dental adhesive to cement a crown onto the underlying abutment. This creates a powerful bond that replicates the integrity of the original tooth. However, there are rare instances when a hard blow to the face or complications from chronic periodontal disease can weaken the connection. If a crown… Read more »

A Dental Bleaching Treatment Can Remove Deep Stains from Your Smile

When surface stains penetrate deep into your teeth, your smile can rarely be brightened by retail-grade whitening products. In a case like this, your dentist, Dr. , might need to administer a dental bleaching treatment. The potent whitening agents and professional techniques uses represent the safest and most effective way to remove stains from tooth… Read more »

When Should Implants be an Option?

When looking into cosmetic dentistry options, you’ll almost certainly think about getting dental implants. However, knowing the best time or circumstances in which you should get them is the hard part. Implants can be confusing if you don’t have the right information, which is part of the reason we put this post together. Let’s look… Read more »