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If you are missing a tooth, you may have wondered if a dental implant is what you need to restore your smile. But, did you know that age can be an important factor to consider? In fact, at some ages, a dental implant could actually cause problems with your smile. To help you avoid complications like these—and to help you know what you might expect—we’re happy to discuss age considerations for people who are considering implants.

For example, what would you do if your child lost a tooth? Obviously, if the tooth is a primary, or baby, tooth, you can just wait for an adult tooth to emerge—though we recommend visiting a dentist in the meantime. But if your child loses a permanent tooth, an implant many not be an option. This is because their jawbones must be fully developed before an implant can be placed. This means that boys can usually have an implant when they are seventeen and that girls can at age fifteen. Fortunately, your dentist can provide options for replacing their missing teeth until their jawbone finishes developing. Also, even if your child doesn’t mind missing a tooth, it is important to take them to a dentist to prevent further complications.

Interestingly, while children could be in danger if they get an implant when they are too young, adults can actually receive an implant regardless of their age. Still, your dentist will consider other factors—mostly overall and oral health. Again, if you are not a good candidate for implants, your dentist can present you with choices that will meet your unique needs.

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