Are you missing a section of your tooth because of a chip or break? Well, Dr. Philippe Athuil offers inlays and onlays in Beverly Hills, California, to restore your tooth with tooth-colored materials.

Inlays are meant to repair the inner sections of the tooth along the chewing surfaces. Onlays are usually bigger than inlays and replace a bigger section of the chewing surface along the center and edges of the tooth. Both products can be made of gold, composite resin, or ceramics. They are also:

• A superior fit
• A good option of preserving the healthy portion of the tooth
• A protector of weak teeth
• A strong and stable substance
• A natural-looking result that fills and restores the tooth

These methods generally require two visits to the dental practice of Philippe Athuil, DDS. The first visit will involve your dentist making impressions of your tooth and sending them to a lab to be custom made for you. Your second visit will involve your dentist placing the inlay and onlay by bonding it to the tooth and polishing the surface.

Are you interested in repairing a tooth with an inlay or onlay? If so, call our office and set up an appointment! We are excited to give you the smile you have always wanted.