We offer dental veneers in Beverly Hills, California, that are meant to change the size, shape, color, and length of your teeth.

Dr. Philippe Athuil provides veneers to those who need to:

• Whiten a discolored tooth
• Repair a tooth that is worn down
• Correct a chip or break
• Align uneven teeth
• Reshape irregularly shaped teeth
• Fill any gaps between the teeth

This treatment can take up to three visits to the dental practice of Philippe Athuil, DDS. The first visit will involve your dentist diagnosing the problems and creating a customized treatment plan. The second visit will involve your dentist preparing the tooth for the veneer. This will include him removing a section of the tooth to make room for the substance. The third visit will involve your dentist bonding the veneer to the tooth. This will happen when Dr. Philippe Athuil permanently cements the veneer to the tooth after he reshapes and adjusts the fit. The last visit might take a little bit more time, but we want to make sure the veneer gives you the results you want and is perfect for your smile.

For more details on veneers, call our office today and set up an appointment. We are excited to give you your new-and-improved smile!