Our team at the dental practice of Philippe Athuil, DDS is here to help you enjoy the beauty of a healthy smile, and we plan to do that with general and preventive dentistry in Beverly Hills, California.

Dr. Philippe Athuil provides many services that will give you the results you want. Many of those include crown placement, bridge placement, dentures, composite fillings, implant restorations, dental cleanings, night guards, and occlusal evaluations. We provide these services to give you a lifetime of smiles, and we are excited to help you look great and feel great!

We also do our very best to prevent any major problems in the future. Your dental health is extremely important to us, and we do our best to prevent any problems. If there are issues, we like to catch and cure them in the earlier stages of development. A few things you can do to make sure you keep a strong, healthy oral experience include: brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing once a day, and using a fluoride system every day. These methods will clean your teeth and keep them healthy and strong. This will avoid any dental issues. Another way we suggest keeping your oral health in tip-top shape is attending regular dental cleanings. To learn more about this treatment, please see our “Dental Cleanings” subpage under this current section.

To learn more about general and preventive dentistry, please feel free to call us!