Do you need to fill the holes in your teeth but you do not want to leave the dental office looking like a silver-toothed pirate? If that is true, we offer composite fillings at the dental practice of Philippe Athuil, DDS that will fill your holes with a natural-colored filling!

Dr. Philippe Athuil offers composite fillings in Beverly Hills, California, for those who wish to take care of their teeth and also have a natural-looking result.

This is also beneficial for those who are opposed to silver amalgam fillings. Many people believe that silver fillings are harsh on their health. Those fillings are known to be made of mercury, which is a substance that can produce toxic chemicals into the mouth and create major problems. We are happy to bend to our patients’ needs and requests by offering composite fillings in Beverly Hills, California. These are great options for those who want a natural look and also need to fill a hole or repair a chip in the front teeth. The fillings also chemically bond to the tooth and provide a substantial amount of support.

Are you interested in getting composite fillings or replacing your silver fillings with a more natural substance? Call our office now!