Do you ever wish to fill your gummy smile with the fabulous pearly whites you knew and loved? If so, we offer dentures in Beverly Hills, California, that will make your wish come true!

Dentures are removable products that replace your missing teeth and surrounding tissues. Dentures are made of a pink, gum-colored substance that has functional abutment teeth attached to the side. Your new dentures are positioned in your mouth by being placed over your gums and suctioning them to the roof of your mouth. These give you the freedom you want and the abilities you need! You are able to take the dentures out whenever you are going to sleep, and you can put them back in to eat, take pictures, or go to the store. You can wear them whenever you would like, and they give you the capability of going throughout your life with normalcy.

It might take a little bit of time to get familiar with the dentures, but it is nothing that can’t be done. We suggest that you begin using the dentures by eating small, soft foods and gradually move up to foods you would normally eat throughout the day. We also recommend speaking difficult words aloud to help your tongue become familiar with the dentures. With some practice and a little bit of time, you will have the full ability you desire!

For more information on the types of dentures Dr. Philippe Athuil offers, call us now!