We believe the protection of your teeth is very important, which is why we offer night guards in Beverly Hills, California, to help prevent any future problems.

Our team at the dental practice of Philippe Athuil, DDS gives you the option of using night guards to protect your teeth while you sleep or while you participate in contact activities.

Many people tend to grind and clench their teeth while they sleep, and it begins to wear the teeth down and make them susceptible to fractures and chips. We are happy to provide night guards for that specific reason. Grinding and clenching throughout the night can be very dangerous and also quickly ruin your teeth. Using night guards will protect your teeth and wipe your worries away. It minimizes the risk of having constant headaches and pain, and you will also wake up in the morning feeling more rested than usual.

We also provide night guards to those who participate in contact activities. There are many situations where someone can lose or break teeth because of a huge blow to the mouth or because of a traumatic injury. If you participate in the following sports or activities, you might want to consider protecting your teeth with a night guard:

• Basketball
• Baseball
• Wrestling
• Softball
• Gymnastics
• Skateboarding
• Lacrosse
• Field Hockey

For more information on the types of night guards we offer, please feel free to call us now!