We offer occlusal evaluations at the dental practice of Philippe Athuil, DDS that allows your dentist to evaluate and examine the joint stability of your jaw.

This evaluation is extremely beneficial to identify and prevent any TMJ disorders or jaw abnormalities. Your dentist Dr. Philippe Athuil will look at your bite and look for signs of wear and stress to your front and posterior teeth. It can help with loose or shifting teeth and relieves constant pressure on the supporting gum and bone structures. This is a painless process that will make corrections to your bite and improve your overall health. Your dentist will map out a plan for you that, whether it is short term or long term, will allow you to keep your tooth structure and minimize the wearing of teeth and enamel.

We care deeply for our patients, and this is a way we like to show it. This evaluation will help you in many ways, and we are prepared in making any alterations possible to give you a positive oral and dental experience. For more information on occlusal evaluation in Beverly Hills, California, please feel free to call our office! We are happy to explain this process to you and help you reach your oral health goals.