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If you are routinely suffering from dental damage but are unsure of what is causing it, it could be linked to an underlying condition such as bruxism. Bruxism often occurs while you’re sleeping, although it can often be the result of unconscious damage linked to stress. Bruxism can often be difficult to detect, so it is important to look for common signs and symptoms of its presence.

If you’re suffering from bruxism, it often arises while you sleep. However, it can also be produced while you’re awake. Typically, bruxism is associated with damage to your teeth, specifically your tooth enamel. If you notice that your tooth enamel is looking more worn or flat than usual, it is likely that you are grinding your teeth. If you continue to grind your teeth over time, you can end up doing serious damage. If you are suffering from bruxism, you’ll want to visit our doctor for the application of a night guard or bite plate to help minimize damage associated with it.

Our team at Philippe Athuil, DDS focuses on a selection of bruxism treatments to suit all your oral health care needs. If you would like a bruxism treatment from Dr. Philippe Athuil, please schedule an appointment by calling us at 310-286-2241 to come see us at our dental office in Beverly Hills, California.