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If you have experienced tooth loss, the resulting gap in your smile can cause further dental problems. For example, the large gap can cause gum destabilization if left unfilled and allow your surrounding teeth to come loose and drift. The gap is also a safe haven for bacteria and could become infected easily. A dental bridge may be the best option to fill large areas of tooth loss and restore stability and strength to your smile.

One of the many benefits of dental bridges is that they improve weakened facial structure affected by tooth loss. If missing teeth aren’t replaced in a timely manner, the facial structure and jaw will begin to sink in and result in an aged appearance around the mouth and cheeks. The good news is that dental bridges help you to restore a youthful appearance to your facial structure.

Dental bridges are also a durable solution to tooth loss–they provide a natural-looking tooth replacement that performs and appears like original teeth. The dental bridge gains its durability by directly attaching to neighboring teeth on either side of the gap. With sufficient daily care, a dental bridge can endure a lifetime of use.

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